Complete Email Marketing Campaign


Not sure where to start with email marketing? Start here.

Get a complete, tailored email marketing program designed to generate and nurture leads for your business. Includes:

  • Email strategy
  • 1 lead magnet
  • 2 landing pages
  • 6 lead nurturing emails


Your Complete Email Marketing Program

Not just an email campaign, but an entire strategy to get people on your email list AND encourage them to buy.

Leave all the hard work to me. I’ll develop your plan, write the content, and help you implement it.

Your program includes:

  • Development of a buyer persona for your target audience
  • Mapping the buyer’s journey
  • Copywriting for 1 lead magnet
  • Copywriting for 2 landing pages
  • Copywriting for up to 6 lead nurturing emails

Plus, you’ll have access to coaching and advice on how to make email marketing work for your business.


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