5 ways to improve your marketing content


I don’t know about you, but my email inbox and social media feeds are chock-full of good content that I am never going to read. I tell myself I don’t have enough time for it all, but that’s not true. What I don’t have enough of is attention. I’m suffering from content overload… and so are your customers.

Take a look at this infographic depicting how much content is produced every minute:

That’s a LOT of content.

Such an endless stream of information makes it impossible to take it all in. Which leaves people (i.e. your customers) making choices about what to spend their precious mental energy on.

So what’s a brand to do? How do you break through all the noise?

Well for starters, you create delightful content that’s worthy of the customer’s limited time and attention.

Here are 5 suggestions for doing just that.

1 Tell them something they don’t know

Creating content that answers your customers’ questions is kind of a no-brainer. But let’s be honest, all the easy questions have all been answered already. Rather than rehashing the same bit of information your competitors have covered, tackle something new. Take on your industry’s harder or rarer issues – or subjects only marginally related to your industry at all – and become the go-to source for info and perspectives that can’t be found anywhere else.

2 Ditch the corporate speak

Cold, stiff, overly promotional content is a turn-off. Your most corporate of communications should jettison the jargon, banish the buzzwords, and hold the hype in favor of more conversational language. By injecting a little humanity into your writing you’ll instantly make your content more readable and your brand more likable.

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3 Make ‘em laugh

A bit of well-executed humor can go a long way to endear you to your audience. It doesn’t have to be ROFL humor – an amusing story or even a cheeky pun can brighten up your content and your customer’s day. Just be sure that the humor appropriate for your target audience and brand image.

4 Surprise them

The human brain automatically devotes more energy to the unexpected than the expected, so if you really want to get your customers’ attention, be unpredictable. For example, try surprising your audience with brutal honesty. Since consumers have come to expect brands to talk up only the positive while downplaying or outright denying any faults, admitting you’re not perfect can leave them feeling pleasantly surprised and more tuned-in.

5 Inspire them

When you use your content to advance something bigger than you bottom line you demonstrate a corporate responsibility that consumers appreciate. Great examples include the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Always’ Like a Girl campaign, and this Amazon Prime ad. The only rule here is you must authentically support your beneficiary (or risk looking like a self-interested phony).

Making your audience feel good, whether it’s by being relatable, inspirational, motivational, informative, or funny, gives them a reason to take notice of you now and in the future. Evoking positive emotions on a consistent basis will help you stand out from the competition and break through content overload.


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