How To Make Your Marketing Content More Engaging


So, no one is reading, watching, listening to, or sharing your marketing content and you’d like to know why. Have you considered that maybe–just maybe–your content is plain old fashioned boring?

The internet is littered with dull, lifeless content. YouTube videos that drone on about mundane topics. Articles that share vague details about commonplace issues. Blog posts that parrot each other, contributing no original thought.

However, the Internet is also a repository of vibrant, educational, hilarious, and otherwise gratifying content. What separates the good content from the bad? Simply, you, the content producer.

The difference between marketing content iron and gold

When you create content do you do so because you want to, or because you have to?

Think about how you approach things that you “have” to do. It becomes a burden. A struggle. Something you wade your way through desperate for it to be over with. If you think your audience doesn’t pick up on those emotions, you’re fooling yourself.

Now, what happens when you enjoy what you do? Suddenly it’s no longer work, but a pleasure. You look forward to it with anticipation and complete it with a sense of satisfaction. Your excitement inevitably infects your audience, too.

Three little letters that will make your content marketing better


When you’re looking to create content–be it text, graphics, audio, or video–don’t do it just because a keyword is trending and you want to get in on the action. Do it because you are interested in or–dare I say it–passionate about the subject matter.

Content for content’s won’t even crawl it’s way up through the search rankings because in order to get attention it needs to evoke a reaction from the audience. Google pays attention to what gets clicked on, what gets shared, and what converts.

So no matter what the content is–a blog post, product description, or video tutorial–have fun creating it. Speak WITH your audience, not AT them. Be playful, maybe even controversial. Because if you don’t love creating your content, why should your audience love consuming it?

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