How to write product descriptions that SELL in 6 simple steps


There are lots of bad product descriptions out there. Descriptions that are either bland and lifeless or as cheesy as a 2 A.M. infomercial. Worse, many business owners don’t even bother writing their own descriptions, choosing instead to copy and paste the manufacturer’s specs.

It’s a miracle these products sell at all!

Don’t make these common mistakes. Follow this simple formula to write product descriptions that SELL.

How to write product descriptions that sell

Step 1

Open a word processing document (or go old school and grab a pen and paper).

Set your product in front of you (or look at a picture of it).

Write down what you see.

Step 2

Delete that document (or shred that paper). Step 1 is how most people write product descriptions. They suck. Don’t do that.

Step 3

Start a new document, or better yet, a spreadsheet.

List WHO would want to buy your product. For example:

Car owners

Step 4

Under each buyer, list the reason(s) WHY they would buy your product. Be specific. For example:

  • A homeowner would buy this couch because she is embarrassed by her old, broken down furniture.
  • A professional would buy this training course because he hates his boss and is ready to make a move.
  • A housekeeper will buy this cleaning product because she’s sick of getting on her hands and knees to scrub floors.

Step 5

Under the reasons why, describe how the buyer’s life will be better after they buy your product. For example:

  • That homeowner will be proudly hosting family and friends in her stylish new living room!
  • That professional will be enjoying the corner office that comes with his new job!
  • That housekeeper will be finishing work early and spending more time relaxing!

Step 6

Now that you understand what your customer actually cares about (and it’s not product specs), write your product description:

  • They’ll think you hired an interior designer! Your guests never have to know that your AmazingCouchXL, with its soft, oversized cushions and easy to clean microfiber upholstery, only cost this ExtremelyLowPrice.
  • Take control of your future! Training with AcmeCo. will give you the most in-demand skills in your field. In just 10 weeks you could be a certified VeryImportantBusinessPerson and on your way to the corner office!
  • Save your back! FloorShineProduct cuts through the dirt and grime with ease so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the things you love.

Now it’s your turn. Go write some awesome product descriptions that SELL!


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