The Content Writing Worksheet!
8 Simple Questions to Help You Draft Winning Content

Help For Content Creators


Maybe you've been writing marketing content for a while now without getting the results you want. Your readers aren't engaging or converting enough. And you feel like you just aren't making a connection.


The Question: How do you create more compelling content?


The Answer: Focus on the customer, not the offer.


As content creators, we often unwittingly fall into the trap of writing for ourselves, not our readers. This simple, one-page worksheet will help you reorient your writing to better meets the needs of your community. Use it to plan individual pieces of content that:


  • Keep the customer front and center
  • Map your offer to their specific needs
  • Offer original ideas and thought leadership


Easy to use, this worksheet is perfect for planning blog posts, e-newsletters, and even digital press releases!



These 8 Questions Will Help You Write Winning Content That Converts!
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