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Website Copywriting

More clicks, more engagement, more conversions, that’s what you want from your website copywriting. Each page of your website needs...

Product and Service Descriptions

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Content Marketing

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Email Marketing

Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social. In fact, email marketing is one of...

Masengill Marketing

Logo for Greenleaf Job Training Services of Ohio

Greenleaf Job Training Service

One of my all-time favorite copywriting projects. Greenleaf Job Training Services was redesigning their website with help from my friends...


When Braxton-Bragg,a B2B leader within the stone industry, was ready to start exploring the B2C market they contracted Averra Media...

Foster Remodeling

@Home Real Estate had a novel idea: bring real estate sales and remodeling under one roof. All they needed was...